Ask Angela

A Lincolnshire safety campaign, where people feeling unsafe on a date or night out can discreetly ask for help using a code-word is being rolled out across the UK.

The campaign is currently supported by Safer Bridgend and South Wales Police in Bridgend, and Campaign material is available on the National Pubwatch website.

It works by allowing people to ask venue staff for 'Angela' if they feel uncomfortable and workers will call a taxi or help them leave discreetly.

Pubs and clubs in the Bridgend and Pyle areas have signed up to it, with the initiative continuing to be rolled out to Porthcawl and Maesteg areas through Pub Watch very soon.

Sgt Angela Bennett said “it’s a brilliant idea, and helps to keep people safe on a date or during their night out if the situation becomes difficult. People become vulnerable during an evening out for various reasons, such as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, being separated from their friends, missing their lift home, losing their phone or money. If they are in this situation the venue staff will help them call taxi or contact someone" she said.

Dating apps like Tinder mean more people might find themselves in difficult situations, feedback suggests having the scheme in place makes people feel safer

The posters, which are a play on the word (guardian) Angel, are displayed in both male and female toilets at the venue.

If you would like your premises to be part of this scheme please contact angela.bennett@south–



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