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Operation Amersham

Police officers targeting anti social behaviour

South Wales Police operation targets Anti social behaviour during half term period in Bridgend area.

South Wales Police carried out an operation named Amersham, on Thursday 23rd February with an aim of providing an effective police response to Anti Social Behaviour, during the half - term period. The operation was conducted within the F Division sectors of Bridgend, Maesteg, and Porthcawl (including Pyle area).

The operation was carried out during half - term, as this represents a peak time for Anti Social Behaviour incidents and subsequently constitutes a vast majority of the calls received at South Wales Police area control rooms. The operation allowed dedicated resources to respond quickly and effectively to such calls, and provided high visibility policing that reassures communities.

South Wales Police along with the Safer Bridgend Partnership prior to the operation being carried out conducted research that identified both anti social behaviour "hotspots", and persistent offenders. These areas and persons were then targeted with high visibility foot patrols, along with vehicles that provided a response to calls from areas around the division.

South Wales Police Operation Amersham represented a pilot operation, and involved officers from multiple divisions.

During the operation South Wales Police carried out a range of positive policing actions that included alcohol confiscation from underage persons, confiscation of cigarettes, an arrest for public order and shop lifting, and the recovery of a bike. Furthermore officers approached groups of youths on foot patrol, where contact information was collected. Where appropriate such information was used in relation to possible Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) referrals, and as a means to inform parents of their children's behaviour.

Inspector Steve Jones stated "The operation allowed South Wales Police to effectively respond to anti social behaviour calls during the busy half - term period. It had a positive impact on the Bridgend communities, and clearly demonstrated that South Wales Police will engage in proactive policing to tackle anti social behaviour incidents."

South Wales Police Chief Inspector Andy Morgan noted "Operation Amersham provided a positive policing strategy in regards to tackling anti social behaviour, that resulted in both an efficient and effective service to our communities. South Wales Police are committed to engaging with young people via two - way communication, and will work to provide sustainable solutions for our communities. Importantly the operation provides a template for the policing of anti social behaviour that can be implemented throughout the other divisions of South Wales Police."

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