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South Wales Police introduce measures to tackle violent crime

Violence is a crime poster

A number of new initiatives have recently been introduced by South Wales Police to counter violent crime, including focussing on alcohol-related incidents. Tactics such as introducing plastic glasses in pubs, challenging ID when purchasing alcohol and introducing procedures in partnership with licenced premises, have all proved successful.

Chief Inspector Jason James, the officer co-ordinating measures to tackle violent crime across the Vale of Glamorgan and Bridgend, gives more detail: “Reducing violent incidents, especially those causing injury, will continue to be a priority for South Wales Police and our partners. These crimes cause immeasurable distress to victims and impact heavily on the wellbeing of our local communities.”

He added: “A high proportion of violent incidents are alcohol-related and officers across Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan have been working hard to reduce offences which impact people wishing to enjoy a night out. South Wales Police has launched a campaign which highlights the impact and repercussions of violence. We are urging people to drink responsibly, to stay safe and to keep out of trouble through our ‘Violence is a Crime’ campaign”.

“There is no excuse for violent behaviour and people should think twice before causing trouble. Wherever possible, walk away from a potentially volatile situation. Don’t get involved and if you see trouble starting, steer clear so you don’t become caught up in it”.

South Wales Police also warned that they would continue their proactive approach to tackle all forms of violence. Police patrols, especially in town centres at weekends, play a big part in preventing late night disturbances and South Wales Police have heightened their police presence at key times.

Chief Inspector James confirmed: “If you see trouble in the street, or fear it is about to break out, call the police immediately”.

“We are encouraging people to come forward with information if they do witness acts of violence. We know that both the public, and indeed some victims, are reluctant to report incidents, particularly when it comes to domestic abuse, but we appeal to them to come forward in confidence so we can help”.

He added: “The Vale of Glamorgan and Bridgend are safe areas in which to live and work. Extreme acts of violence are few and far between and it’s pleasing the number of offenders being brought to justice is on the increase. The police and our partners – including the general public – want to see further improvements and to that end, we remain totally committed”.

If anyone has information regarding violent crime please call South Wales Police on 101. Alternatively contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or email them on

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