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Porthcawl PCSOs offer up crime prevention advice to surfers

PCSOs offering crime prevention advice in Porthcawl

The Neighbourhood Policing Team from Porthcawl are warning surfers to look after their car keys while in the water so that an afternoon of surfing doesn’t turn into a moment of regret.

The PCSO team are warning that car thieves often find easy targets on beaches as swimmers and surfers can often be overly relaxed about security.
PCSO Janine Dulson explains: “As surfers stow their keys away in hidden spots on or around the car, potential thieves will watch. Once the driver walks away, thieves will retrieve the key and steal valuables from the car or the indeed steal the car itself. It’s pretty common practice amongst surfers but it’s very risky. Unfortunately potential thieves know that’s the trend, whether the key is in a wheel well, in an exhaust pipe or underneath a rock."
Beachgoers are also warned to be careful as they often leave their keys on the sand unattended while they swim. The most popular places for hiding keys and valuables on the beach are in a towel, shoe or sock or in clothing pockets.
PCSO IDulson said: “It’s better to take some extra care than to step off the sand and find your car has been broken into or worse, stolen."
The Porthcawl Neighbourhood Policing Team are offering three pieces of advice – don’t leave valuables in the vehicle, keep the key with you instead of hiding it and report suspicious activity to South Wales Police on 101.

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