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Partners across Porthcawl working together

Police and Partners promoting Porthcawl Pubwatch

Local publicans from Porthcawl have joined forces with South Wales Police to make the town a safe place to visit this summer. They are working together to help reduce violent crime and to help combat anti social behaviour.

Individual troublemakers will be identified by publicans and banned from all pubs, clubs, holiday parks and hotels that participate in the Pubwatch initiative across the town. If someone is banned from one premises this will apply to all members of Pubwatch.

Pubs are also helping to enforce Designated Public Place Orders (DPPO), by asking customers to stop taking drinks outside their premises. They are displaying posters and will regularly clear their beer gardens of glasses to discourage customers from walking away carrying their drinks.

Porthcawl neighbourhood PC Matthew Aitken said: “The whole of Porthcawl is a Designated Public Place. A police officer or a PCSO has the power to confiscate and dispose of alcohol being consumed in public areas within the town centre. If someone fails to comply with such a request they will be liable to arrest and a potential fine of up to £500”.

Some premises have increased their security staff levels to be able to manage rowdy or troublesome customers more efficiently and this is in close contact with the police.

PC Aitken added: “During the summer months Porthcawl experiences a significant increase in population as well as a large influx of day visitors to the town and surrounding areas to enjoy the beaches and other facilities.

“Because of the high numbers of people coming to Porthcawl there is also an increase in antisocial behaviour, public order offences, assaults, autocrime - especially at beach locations and violent crime from the late night economy”.

To work with Pubwatch members police officers have be deployed to increase visibility on patrol on a Friday and Saturday night.

They will concentrate on areas identified as potential hotspots and use their powers to engage with people. This will be an early intervention strategy by use of direction to leave notices, confiscation of alcohol in public places, ASB referrals and, if necessary, arrest.

Use of these powers, particularly direction to leave notices are intended to intervene early and prevent possible disorder early before it escalates.

Acting Community Safety Inspector Dave Williams said: “Working in partnership is essential in ensuring Porthcawl is a safe and an enjoyable place to live, work and visit".

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