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PPI Scam Warning

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Police in Bridgend are warning people about a recent phone scam in which victims are being asked to purchase electronic cash vouchers in order to receive a refund for mis-sold PPI. The sums on offer are thousands of pounds.

Victims are being told that on payment of an administration fee, usually between £100 and £400, they will be sent a compensation payment of several thousand pounds. The victim is then asked to obtain an electronic cash voucher, typically a UKash voucher, and pass the details of the voucher back to the company calling.

Vouchers can be bought from any shop with a PayPoint, and works by using the code number that is outlined on the voucher. The numbers are used to redeem the cash value of the vouchers.

The company calling may say they need the electronic payment for a variety of reasons, such as to cover the costs of recovering the funds on your behalf. They then promise that once they have redeemed the voucher, they will then send the money.

“Of course the money never arrives” said Inspector Richard Weber from Bridgend Police Station.

He adds: “Thankfully, in the incident reported to us, the resident realised it was a con and didn’t hand over any cash in the form of an electronic cash voucher to the caller”.

Inspector Weber continued “All we are asking is that people are wary of calls promising thousands of pounds in return for money through electronic cash vouchers. If you get a call like this then it is highly likely to be a scam”.

“As with most fraudsters they sound very plausible, especially to our more vulnerable elderly residents. Genuine offers of such amounts would almost certainly be made in writing, so simply hang up and under no circumstances pay any money via electronic cash vouchers or any other means – not matter how tempting the offer”.

If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud please report it to South Wales Police on 101. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or email them at

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