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Keep Safe Cymru Card Scheme - helps improve relationships with people with mental ill-health and dementia

keep Safe Cymru

South Wales Police has the Keep Safe Cymru Card Scheme to assist staff and officers in dealing with people with mental ill-health.

Over 800 people within our communities are now carrying the Keep Safe Cymru Card since its joint launch by the Force with Learning Disability Services and Mencap Cymru, December 2014 and the force is currently working with the armed forces to adapt the scheme to assist veterans.

The card may be carried by anyone you come across in the south Wales force area with a learning disability, dementia, mental health or communication need.

The scheme is designed to make people more aware of their personal safety, to encourage reporting of crime – especially hate crime – and to seek help if they need it.

It will help us understand how to make the person feel safer, and will detail how we can access support for them if required.

South Wales Police Assistant Chief Constable Jon Stratford said: “I urge officers and staff to familiarise themselves with the Keep Safe Cymru Card Scheme to prepare them for when they come across people in need who may be carrying the card.

“The card is an excellent opportunity and support mechanism for us to engage with people with learning disabilities, dementia, mental health and a communication need.

“People carrying the card are provided with information on how to keep safe and how to access help if required through the scheme. The Scheme also allows for carers, friends and family to provide and put together information which could be vital to us in the event of a vulnerable person going missing.

"Increasing peoples trust in the scheme will theoretically increase their confidence to report their concerns to us. We need to make sure public expectation in using the scheme is fulfilled and in order to do that we need to make sure we use the scheme efficiently and effectively."

South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael said: “Over many years I have seen the problems that can arise when an individual’s circumstance is not understood. People who are themselves under pressure can be impatient when they don’t know that a member of the public needs a little time and space to be able to explain themselves or to be given some special consideration.

“What’s particularly great about the scheme is that it is the result of an idea put forward by our staff who identified the need and helped find a solution. The interest and feedback received is incredibly positive which is reflected in the 800 cards already distributed.

“We all need to support the scheme, promote awareness of the benefits it will deliver, and remember to ask if a person is carrying the card."

Click here to see how the scheme works

For further information on how to access the scheme, download and complete the form please see and direct people to the force website

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