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Five people banned by Pyle and Kenfig Pubwatch scheme

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Five people have been banned, two for life, from a number of pubs and bars in Pyle, Cornelly, Maudlam, Kenfig, and Cefn Cribwr in a decision by Pubwatch members.

Pubwatch schemes are established by licensees and membership is restricted to licensed premises. They link in with the police, council and community safety partnerships, and work together to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Operators and managers of bars, pubs and nightclubs have always been able to refuse entry to problematic people, however the Pubwatch scheme in Pyle and Kenfig also includes members from working men’s clubs, rugby clubs and the British Legion. All Pubwatch members work in partnership with the police to make the process even more effective. Under the Pubwatch scheme a committee might ban an individual from entering one of their member’s venues for up to two years, or in some cases for life.

Mr Michael Turton, Chairperson of Pubwatch, said: “Pubwatch is a nationally recognised initiative operated at a local level according to local needs. Each Pubwatch has a management structure and their objectives may vary from group to group, although in general the focus is on making the use of members premises, and the broader night time economy, a safer and more enjoyable experience for all”.

“Pubwatch is keen to support South Wales Police in reducing alcohol and drug related crime”.

He added: “Pubwatch members won’t tolerate antisocial behaviour in their premises and the Pubwatch scheme keeps such people out, making it safer and more enjoyable for everyone else”.

Inspector Steve Jennings who is responsible for the police licensing team in the Bridgend area said: “Pubwatch schemes can be very effective in taking a stand against crime and anti-social behaviour, which in turn helps create a safe and pleasant environment for people to enjoy a night out. It’s not uncommon so see people more concerned about whether they can get into the pub with their friends than they are about being arrested”.

“From a police perspective our primary role is the prevention, reduction and detection of crime and disorder. This decision shows that the members of Pubwatch take their responsibilities to the wider community seriously, and by working together we can have a greater impact on keeping town premises safe”.

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