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Bridgend police team up with Heronsbridge School and donate bikes

Pcso Heather Dobbs at the Heronsbridge Re-Cycle Project

Police in Bridgend have linked in with Heronsbridge school and are helping them with a new project which see any unclaimed bikes are donated to the school. The pupils from Heronsbridge will then repair the bikes and sell them to low income families, and families in deprived areas, to encourage families to take up cycling.

The aim of the Heronsbridge Re-Cycles project is to give young pupils from the school the skills to progress into paid employment. The Re-Cycles project sees rundown donated bikes being restored and transformed by older pupils in Heronsbridge.

Matt Greenwood, Social Enterprise Co-ordinator at the school, said: "The aim of the Heronsbridge Re-Cycles project is to equip these young people for life after education by giving them some practical skills as well as qualifications in bicycle maintenance which will go towards helping them to achieve employment once they leave school.
“Only around seven per cent of young people with special educational needs enter employment when they leave school, and this project aims to tackle that problem head on”

It is hoped the project will help the pupils at Heronsbridge School to gain confidence through learning how to repair the bikes whilst also enhancing their abilities through effective communication and teamwork.

PCSO Heather Dobbs said: “We are really pleased that we are able to donate these unclaimed bikes to such a worthy project. The majority of them have come from a pool of those that we have recovered or ones that were reported lost or stolen which the owners then failed to claim”.

“This is such a great cause and the repaired bikes will be going to good homes. It’s great that we can help progress community projects such as this”.

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