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Bridgend County Neighbourhood Watch Association

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Did you know that there is a way in which you can play your part with the Police to keep crime at bay in your neighbourhood?

Neighbourhood Watch is an initiative supported by the Home Office and the Police whereby residents can become Co-ordinators for their street, block of flats or area to ensure good communication between their community and the Police regarding suspicious or actual crime events and ways of reducing crime. Those interested can obtain an information pack and if they decide to become a Co-ordinator, will be registered with the Bridgend County Neighbourhood Watch Association and the Police.

They are required to visit their neighbours to establish how many would like to become members of the Watch. The idea is that the Co-ordinator and members will look out for each other, their property etc, and report any unusual events to the Police, the Co-ordinators and other members.

The Co-ordinator will receive messages from the NHW Clerk and the Police via a telephone messaging system called the Ringmaster and then will then be required to pass on this information to all the members either by calling at individual homes, putting the message through the letterbox or by phoning-this is entirely at the discretion of the Co-ordinator, whichever is most suitable.

Any further involvement will be entirely up to you-you can call informal meetings of your members, get together with other Co-ordinators to compare notes, form a group of all the Co-ordinators in your area to which a Police representative can be invited in order to discuss the future well-being of your community.

The role is voluntary but will involve a small charge to obtain the Neighbourhood Watch signs, which are to be erected on the lampposts in order to distinguish the Watch area. Those neighbours who wish to participate in the scheme can be requested to donate towards this cost and are normally only too happy to help. Windows and door stickers will be provided free.

It is a great way to get to know your neighbours and tackle problems together.

· The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme can help to reassure those who live in fear of crime.

· It can help to cut crime by swift reporting of anything suspicious.

· It can help cut the opportunities for crime by making people more aware of the simple precautions they can take to remove temptation.

We always need more watches!

Many areas have no Co-ordinators at all.

If you require any further information please contact: Mike Quick on 07584 004008 or email

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