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Parking Issues

Useful advice and information on parking.

Bridgend County Borough Council are responsible for the enforcement of the majority of on-street and off-street parking regulations throughout the area

Bridgend County Borough Council’s Civil Parking Enforcement scheme replaces the traffic warden service previously provided by South Wales Police.

It is designed to improve safety and accessibility while deterring people from becoming problem parkers.

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What does a double yellow line denote?

Indicates No parking 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Disabled badge holders are allowed to park for a maximum of 3 hours on double yellow lines with badge and clock fully on display as long as no obstruction is being caused because of where your vehicle is parked.

What does a single yellow line denote?

As above but usually with a restricted time. You should look for a nearby sign which will display either days and times or just times. These are the times you are NOT allowed to park except for disabled badge holders.

What is a drop-kerb?

This is an access point for a drive-way or for pedestrians to cross safely. A tactile drop-kerb will have special kerb stones which have raised buttons on them for disabled people to cross over. You should not park where you would obstruct either of these types of drop-kerb.

What does Access Only mean?

You are allowed to park in such a street if you live in, or are visiting, a house/business in that street.
Enforcement is the responsibility of South Wales Police You may receive a Fixed penalty notice for failing to conform to a traffic sign.

What are zigzag lines outside schools for?

These lines denote a total exclusion zone for stopping to drop-off or pick-up and also for any type of parking for ANY vehicle (except emergency vehicles). This is so that a clear line of vision is always available when children arrive or leave their school. Safety of the children is paramount and they are NOT for the convenience of parents to get closer to the school gates.

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Your car may be at risk if you don't hide your keys

There has been a recent spate of dwelling burglaries in the borough where burglars are breaking into houses, taking the car keys and stealing the car and other posessions.

Home Fire Safety Checks

South Wales Fire and Rescue Services carries out approximately 6000 Home Fire Safety Checks and fit approximately 12000 smoke alarms in homes throughout the area each year.