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Anti social behaviour

Bridgends Community Safety Partnership, Safer Bridgend co-ordinates a multi agency response to reports of anti-social behaviour from across the Borough.

We receive reports of anti-social behaviour from partner agencies including all departments of Bridgend County Borough Council, Schools, The Police, The Health Service and Housing Associations.

At the moment we are unable to take referrals from members of the public who should report incidents of anti-social behaviour to one of partner organisations.

When we receive complaints that a person is responsible for anti-social behaviour we adopt a four stage process to deal with it.

1. In the first instance a letter is sent to the perpetrator or their parent /guardian outlining the conduct complained of and pointing out that it is unacceptable.

Some 85% of the people who are referred to the Partnership and who receive these letters are not complained of again.

2. If there is a second referral within 6 months a final warning letter is sent.

3. If there is a third referral a Stage 2 warning letter is sent and a partnership visit to the persons home. This visit could be undertaken by a Police Officer, The partnership co-ordinator, a housing officer, a member of the youth offending team, an educational welfare officer or a combination of these as appropriate.

At this stage a formal warning about the behaviour is given and also the partners are able to explore if any underlying causes are contributing to behaviour. The person responsible is offered support to help them stop the behaviour complained of.

The case is listed for a multi-agency Anti-social behaviour management group meetings where efforts are made to find solutions to the problems being caused. Solutions could include signing an Acceptable Behaviour Contract or victim mediation work. Every effort is made to prevent further incidents of anti-social behaviour.

4. In those cases where incidents of anti-social behaviour continue and the efforts by the problem solving group are unsuccessful consideration is given to court action. This could mean an application for a Criminal Behaviour Order or proceedings in a civil court for evictions or other action against problem tenants.

The Community Safety Partnership does all that it can to deal with that unacceptable behaviour which can so blight the lives of those it affects.

For further information on what the Partnership can do contact the Co-ordinators: Pc Natalie Harris / Emma-Louise Maher on 01656 679533 or or

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