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Violent Crime

What is Violent Crime?

Violent crime relates to a catalogue of offences under the umbrella of headings including harassment, wounding, robbery, assault and homicide. (In some instances, sex offences are classified as violent crime).

Who is affected?

It is believed anybody within society can potentially be at risk of becoming a victim of violent crime whether it is a victim of an opportunist street mugging or a victim of school bullying. Research has shown that those who are at a higher risk of becoming a victim of violent crime are males between 16 to 29 or those who frequently visit places where high numbers of people gather in social situations under the influence of alcohol. Violent crime can occur between family/partners, acquaintances or strangers.

What does it cost?

Financial cost is hard to estimate however, the cost of victims quality of life, safety and wellbeing is severely affected. According to the BCS 2000, since 1995 there has been a 1.8 million fewer incidents representing a 43% decrease.

What help is available?

The introduction of the new Violent Crime Reduction Bill will give the police and local community the power to reduce violent crimes involving imitation guns, knives and alcohol in their area.

What is being done locally?

Police and PCSOs strive to combat anti-social behaviour, alcohol related violent crime and more serious offences by providing a visual deterrent.Extra police patrols are mounted at peak times and days at particular violent crime hotspots in the area where the majority of violent crime occurs.

The Pub Watch scheme introduced in July 2006 to help combat alcohol related crime and anti social behaviour ensuring licensed premises are safe and enjoyable places for people to visit.

Further information?

Alcohol and Safety leaflet available from the Home Office

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