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Road Safety

What is Road Safety?

The aim of Road Safety Education in Bridgend County Borough is to reduce danger for all road and footway users and to promote safe and sustainable travel choices

Who is affected?


What does it cost?

Approximately £200,000 per year

What help is available?

Roadsafety education resources- providing safety materials and advice for all ages.

School crossing patrols- many schools in the County Borough benefit from school crossing patrols who assist with child and adult safety on walking routes to and from school.

Theatre productions -drama productions such as ' Too Much Punch for Judy' aimed at young people highlights the very serious consequences of drinking, drug taking and driving. After the performance, young people participate in workshops, which cover a number of topics related to drugs, alcohol and the effects on driving.

Pre-driver courses- the 'Ignition' pre-driver course is available in the majority of comprehensive schools within the Borough.

Safer routes to schools- projects that encourage school pupils and parents to walk or cycle to school in safety

Cycle helmet advice- information on the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling and choosing the right one.

Bus safety-videos, presentations and teaching resources that provide information on safety when travelling on buses

Road safety schemes and initiatives

KerbcraftBridgend -an innovative and effective practical road safety-training scheme for 5-7 year old children, provided in partnership with the Welsh Assembly Government.

Child Car Seats- as part of new child car seat initiative, experts will visit local car parks and provide parents with advice. The initiative will address the fact that parents often do not know what seat to use, how to fit it or when to change to a different type of car seat.

National children's traffic club- a new scheme, aimed at pre-school children, will soon be introduced to the Borough. Children who join the club receive books containing ideas and activities that parents can use as a teaching aid in order to develop basic skills.

Crucial Crew- an annual event, which is attended by roadsafety education and other agencies such as the police, fire service and coast guards and aims to educate 10-11 year old children in personal safety, issues.

What is being done locally?

An essential role of the Road Safety Staff is to work in partnership with other agencies such as the Police, Fire Service, Ambulance Service, the Safety Camera Partnership and Ogwr DASH to promote safety through informative campaigns for example:

  • Drug driving
  • Drink driving
  • Mobile phone use while driving
  • Speed reduction (Kill your Speed)
  • Safer driving for older drivers
  • Be safe be seen
  • Seatbelt use
Further information?

Road Safety Education Officer

Tel: 01656 642529

E mail:

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