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Noise Nuisance

What is Noise Nuisance?

Noise can be classed as a Statutory Nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (E.P.A 1990). This states that any 'noise emitted from a premises so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance'. This basically means that if the noise is injurious to a person's health or effects the enjoyment of a person's land, then the noise can be classed as a nuisance. Common noise complaints that can lead to a Statutory Nuisance can include noise by barking dogs, loud music or noise from industrial premises.

Who is affected?

Anyone can be affected by noise with different people having different thresholds of when the noise starts to become a nuisance. Noise complaints may be more likely in compact residential areas or flats where the sound insulation is of a poor standard and allows more noise through barriers, such as walls, ceilings and windows. Vibrations from a noise source can also be deemed a Statutory Nuisance under the same section of the E.P.A 1990

What does it cost?

The Local Authority (L.A) has a duty to investigate all noise complaints that could lead to a Statutory Nuisance, under the E.P.A 1990. This will not cost the complainant anything. If a noise nuisance is substantiated and formal action is taken and a case goes to court, the complainant may be asked to appear as a witness in court.

What help is available?

The L.A will investigate all noise complaints. If a Statutory Nuisance is substantiated the L.A can take enforcement action in the form of serving an Abatement Notice on the person responsible for the noise. If this does not abate the noise nuisance the L.A can prosecute the person responsible, which can lead to fines or confiscation of noise equipment for the guilty party.

What is being done locally?

BCBC Public Protection has a team of officers who investigate noise complaints and take the necessary enforcement action when a noise nuisance is substantiated.

Further information?

To report a Statutory Nuisance or for more information regarding noise nuisance please contact the Public Protection Department at: -

Public Protection, Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31 4WB.

Tel 01656 643260

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