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Domestic Abuse

What is Domestic Abuse?

It is any violent or abusive behaviour by an intimate partner or ex-partner or any family member. Domestic Abuse is not a relationship problem - it is about one person gaining and maintaining control over another.

Who is affected?

People suffer from Domestic Abuse regardless of their age, social class, religion, culture, ability, sexuality, or life style. The majority of sufferers of Domestic Abuse are female, whereas perpetrators are usually male. However, Domestic Abuse is perpetrated by women towards men and by both men and women in gay and lesbian relationships. Children are undoubtedly effected by their experiences of Domestic Abuse. In families where there is Domestic Abuse 90% of children are in the same room or in a room next door to where the abuse is happening.

What does it cost?

In terms of pain, suffering and loss of employment, housing or health amounts to an enormous £17 billion in the UK each year.

What help is available?

List of numbers form leaflet. It is important to remember that Domestic Abuse is the fault of the abuser.

What is being done locally?

Safer Bridgend Community Safety Partnership is committed to tackling Domestic Abuse. It is clearly identified in the Police and Crime Commissioner's Crime [Reduction] Plan 2013-2017; Welsh Government's Programme for Government 2011-2015, Right to be safe 2010 and locally within Bridgend County Borough Council's strategies and policies as a target area that is taken very seriously.

Domestic Abuse will not be tolerated and all agencies in the statutory and voluntary sectors are working together to bring perpetrators to justice and provide safety and support to victims.

Further information?

Leaflets for both male and female victims are available Click here

or Contact Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator - Bethan Lindsey-Gaylard on 01656 679580

or South Wales Police Public protection unit on 01656 305821

Click Here for more information and agencies who can assist

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