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What is Burglary ?

A burglary occurs when an intruder has entered or attempted to enter a domestic, commercial or school premise and stolen or attempted to steal property. Aggravated burglary is when an intruder has,armed with a firearm, weapon or explosive, enters a dwelling as a trespasser to steal or commit grievous bodily harm.

Who is affected?

Any owner of a property is at potential risk of being burgled. However, the risk of being a victim of domestic burglary has halved since 1995. The Crime in England and Wales 2004/05 report found that 83% of the general public had window locks, only 36% of burglary victims did. This strongly indicates that the more secure your property, the less likely it is you will be burgled.

What does it cost?

Recent research has discovered that the average cost of a domestic burglary including damage amounts to £2,300.

What help is available?

Help is available from a number of sources including the Police, Community safety Partnerships, Age Cymru to name a few. Contact your local PCSO to find out more

Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team have provided some tips on how to reduce the opportunity for becoming a victim of crime:-THINK:-?Can the burglary access the rear of your premises to break in useen?

Good lighting can deter a burglary.

Is the perimeter of your home strong, or can someone get in?

Ensure your perimeter is strong and secure

Do you ALWAYS lock your doors & windows?

A burglary can try your door at any time, even when your in.

Have you fitted a good quality lock to al your external doors including French doors?

Get a 5 lever mortise deadlock for a wooden door or a multi point locking mechanism for a Upvc door.

Do you leave your keys in your doors & windows?

The risk the burglar breaking a window and letting themselves in.

Do you patio doors have security bolts?

Without these your sliding patio doors can be lifted off their runner & removed.

What is being done locally?

Neighbourhood Watch schemes provide a holistic approach for communities to work together in tackling such issues.

Further concerns can be raised and tackled through your local PACT meeting. To find out the time and location of your next PACT meeting Click here

Further information?

Your local PCSO or local Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor can offer advice to home owner on how to keep your property and valuables safe. Click here to find the contact details of your local Neighbourhood Policing Team

or contact 101 to speak to your local PCSO or Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor.

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Your car may be at risk if you don't hide your keys

There has been a recent spate of dwelling burglaries in the borough where burglars are breaking into houses, taking the car keys and stealing the car and other posessions.

Home Fire Safety Checks

South Wales Fire and Rescue Services carries out approximately 6000 Home Fire Safety Checks and fit approximately 12000 smoke alarms in homes throughout the area each year.