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Anti-social behaviour

What is Anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour can be any action likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

It could include unruly or drunken behaviour, threatening or abusive language, graffiti, criminal damage or other relevant crime.

In other words it could be almost any behaviour which prevents others from enjoying an acceptable quality of life.

Who is affected?

Anti-social behaviour can affect the quality of life of anybody. Victims can range from young people to older residents.

What does it cost?

The cost of anti-social behaviour to communities is incalculable. Fear, stress and worry generated by such behaviour can impact on all areas of life and, in particular, can affect work, education and leisure. There are no areas of Bridgend County Borough which are not affected to some degree by anti-social behaviour.

There is no cost to individuals in seeking support and assistance from the partnership in dealing with anti-social behaviour which affects them.

What help is available?
What is being done locally?

In Bridgend the response to anti-social behaviour is co-ordinated through the Community Safety Partnership. Key agencies such as the Police, Housing Associations, and Council Departments work together to reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour.

The Community Safety Partnership adopts a four stage process in its approach to such incidents starting with a warning letter and culminating, in extreme cases, in an application to a court for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

Further information?

In the first instance complaints of anti-social behaviour should be reported to a relevant Partnership agency e.g. The Police, Housing Association etc.

Advice on the process can be obtained from the Anti-social Behaviour Reduction Co-ordinator on 01656 679533 or Click Here

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